Best GDefy (Gravity Defyer Pros & Cons) Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Gravity Defyer (GDEFY) Reviews with Pros & Cons 2022

Best G-Defy Reviews and Buying Guide

When a person suffers pain in joints, feet, spine, or elsewhere, it’s crucial to use essentials to alleviate symptoms.

Many various companies and brands out there make stuff, especially to assist sufferers of particular health issues.

Fortunately, you can now get relief from any problem or symptom by changing the type of sneakers.

It is a big plus of growing up in the modern age, as there is a variety of great footwear specifically for therapeutic purposes. The alternatives are unlimited in terms of the different varieties you can select to alleviate pain or discomfort.

One disadvantage of having so many alternatives is that it might be tough to select the perfect footwear that fulfills your requirements for comfort and stability for your ankles.

Gravity Defyer Shoes

GDefy (Gravity Defyer) is one of the most well-known calming footwear brands nowadays. It is a therapeutic shoe company that defined itself as a pioneer in medical shoe brands and other clothing items to provide great relaxation and assistance from damages and injuries.

The industry has multiple advanced products, including different accessories and a lot of shoe collections.

Additionally, Gravity Defyer’s top selection has a variety of custom-made footwear designed according to your activity and lifestyle requirements, no matter what it is.

In short, these shoes are the perfect option for you if you have severe pain in your feet or heels. Or if you are searching for shoes that can assist you with cushioning on a hectic day.

Gdefy More than Comfortable Shoes!

However, just like much other footwear for playing sports, the Gdefy (Gravity Defyer’s) collection of shoes is specially designed for relieving pain for those who have severe foot, heel, or knee problems.

The brand incorporates three unique innovations into their shoes that work together to give you maximum comfort and support, regardless of your everyday tasks.

These shoes are perfect for people with diabetes which is the best thing that you won’t see in several of the major trendy footwear companies listed for sale.

Besides that, the shoes have built-in qualities like VersoShock shock-absorbing insoles, which reduce your ankles’ excessive stress during walking or running.

The footwear also has a lightweight, smooth inner design which minimizes the probability of your foot becoming bruised or harmed.

Also, the Gravity Defyer shoe helps alleviate a variety of ailments, like blisters, bunions, rheumatism, joint pain, knee discomfort, repetitive strain injuries, pregnancies, bone spurs, and various other chronic conditions.

This footwear is specifically created to assist different painful conditions in their lower trunk and is not suitable for casual wear.

Now, let’s look at some of their major advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons 

Though, it’s crucial to be aware of all of the benefits and drawbacks when it comes to selecting footwear.

Besides that, there are so many different types and choices to select from when it comes to this unique footwear company it is quite hard to describe all of the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

As a result, we’re giving a more concise view of this article and providing you with some of the primary benefits and drawbacks that you can consider while using any of the company’s products.

Pros & Cons

  • VersoShock is shock-absorbent insoles that lessen the pressure on your feet during walking.
  • A comfortable, smooth inside for extra protection.
  • A large toe box greatly enhances blood flow while easing pressure on your soles and digits.
  • Thick inner edge for even more room and space, especially for those affected with arthritis, will get comfort and relaxation from this footwear brand.
  • Shoe shape that is diabetic-friendly while also decreasing swelling.
  • The laceless feature allows you to slide in or out of your footwear easily.
  • The shoes’ quality has already been questioned.
  • a little too heavy
  • In terms of appearance, style is required.

Top Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes – Best Casual Shoes Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes


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Another day is it soaking sore ankles and massaging aching muscles? Want to look wonderful for the whole day? The Orion carries ergonomic footwear to a huge extent with top-quality uppers made of elegantly designed nubuck leather. It’s an excellent ready-to-wear that will move you where a simple pair of shoes cannot go.


Choosing the correct shoes that are easy and appropriate for various conditions can be tricky for many folks. Many brands claim that their shoes can help people with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and foot and knee problems. Gravity Defyer shoes have shown to be effective in reducing pain while coping with all these problems.


As Gravity Defyer footwear is specially designed with Versoshock technology. This improved feature range of motion and confidence by mimicking better and healthier muscles. Additionally, there are specifically designed compression chambers in the reverse trampoline heel that help to absorb adverse effects.


Furthermore, tendons are protected against pressure through stabilisation in the helping linear and lateral sites of the shoes. The Gravity Defyer shoes’ rocking forefoot feature minimizes stress on joints and toes when walking by using forward propulsion.


The stiff midsole and heel cup of Gravity Defyer shoes are made to relieve pressure and stress on the plantar fascia ligament. Because of their innovative design, this footwear rocks when you walk, which lessens the strain on this spot.


The soles’ shock-absorbing properties help to lessen knee, hip, heel, ankle, and foot pain. Additionally, the wide toe box of these shoes improves circulation and relieves pressure on the toes and arches.


Pros & Cons

  • VersoShock Technology

  • Removable insoles

  • Broad forefoot and heel

  • EVA Strobel midsole

  • Rolling forefoot style

  • Cuffs wear out after some months

  • Colour fades too quickly


Gravity Defyer Women’s G-Defy XLR8 Run – Verso Cloud Multi-Density Shock Absorbing Performance Long Distance Running Shoes – US Sizes


Gravity Defyer Women's G-Defy XLR8 Run - VersoCloud Multi-Density Shock Absorbing Performance Long Distance Running Shoes



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Don’t go a single mile without the XLR8 RUN’s cutting-edge prevention strategies. Running gets smooth thanks to the sole’s multi-density nucleated technology. 


The rolling forefoot design, ergonomic footbed, 3D-designed upper, 30% wider stability-outsole, and full-perimeter shank are all meant to eliminate foot stress and divert your energy to the stronger muscles of the calf and thigh.


The defendants have promoted their Gravity Defyer shoes as featuring soles with “VersoShock” technology since at least 2016, which is said to reduce discomfort in various health problems.


The company is selling Gravity Defyer shoes on its site, through its in-house contact centre, and in stores all over the country, such as The Walking Company, Hammacher Schlemmer.


Versocloud Multi-density sole with responsive tri-zone structure includes twin lateral stabilisers, programmed nucleated polymers, and shock-absorbing polymers to add stability, improve shock absorption, and reduce pressure.


Maximum lateral stability is provided during walking, standing, and running with heel-to-toe support against mid-foot trauma and hyperflexion problems. Plus, running with a non-slip heel counter reduces discomfort and prevents heel sliding.


Free bonus pair of podiatrist-grade shoes Every box contains Corrective Fit orthotic insoles, which deal with plantar fasciitis and maintain body posture.


These are quite comfy, in addition to having an appealing style. Excellent arch support makes cardio exercises feel fantastic. Additionally, a card with guidance on wearing them is useful. And the extra insoles served as a comfortable cushion.


The best sneakers yet are these. If your foot has undergone surgery and you can’t find shoes that don’t aggravate your foot pain. They are like walking on clouds. Over any shoes, these are what we’d suggest!

Pros & Cons

  • Ultralight multi-density outsole

  • Twin lateral stabilization

  • Full-Perimeter Shank

  • Verso Cloud technology

  • Bit overpriced


Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Energiya – Hybrid VersoShock Performance Shock-Absorbing Cross-Trainer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Men's Athletic Inspired Sneakers

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With Energiya, you can confidently and pain-free* walk like a champion. Built with VersoShock technology, this cross-trainer for effective pain relief offers movements and durability for every task. 


In Energiya, the company have combined revolutionary VersoShock® technology with a distinctive multi-density polymer VersoCloud spring cell sole to provide an exceptional pain-relieving shoe.


VersoShock Hybrid Technology is a sophisticated pain reduction cushioning and healing technology that integrates the revolutionary VersoShock pain reliever with the unique VersoCloud spring cell sole’s full-sole pressure relief.


Upper Microfiber Leather With its lightweight, environmentally friendly leather, excellent abrasion resistance, and high tear strength, you may walk safely and comfortably. Perfect elasticity and flexibility for every instep.


Rolling Front Style Sleek motion and reliability are created to shield 28 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles from injury to alleviate foot stress.


Moreover, It has a seamless, soft interior that feels like silk, which is great for preventing discomfort over time. Plus, free Corrective Fit Orthotics offer optimal biomechanics and whole-body alignment.


Provide yourself with a lift in terms of strength, efficiency, and excellent biomechanical mobility. Be more energetic and imagine you’re walking on clouds. The Energiya, a part of the Perfect Walk family, relieves your pain immediately. 


Furthermore, with Corrective Fit orthotics, shank-rolling forefoot design, and top-notch shock absorption. You’ll get quick stress alleviation with Energiya. 


These exceptional protective measures, luxury, cushioning, and restored energy are unique and inaccessible. Energiya can assist you in improving your life.


Pros & Cons

  • Hybrid VersoShock Technology

  • Seamless And Soft Silk-Like Interior

  • Free Corrective Fit Orthotics

  • Non-Slip heel counter

  • Removable insoles

  • Bit heavy


Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Shoes for Knee Pain

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk


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The Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes have a roomy toe box that improves ventilation and relieves discomfort.

This footwear also has a synthetic sole, which supports the midfoot region while also minimizing and relieving issues like plantar fasciitis.

VersoShock Advanced System to alleviate symptoms in the knees. The Front Rolling Design protects the feet by protecting 28 bones and 30 joints, with over 100 muscles.

They also include detachable inserts, making them suitable for various shoe shapes.

The sneakers feature a sturdy, lightweight, breathable mesh that gives additional breathability and elasticity.


Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Sneakers – Walking Shoes for Knee Pain


Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Sneakers


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The Men’s G-Defy Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes have more space in the toe area to improve circulation and mobility. They also have a synthetic sole for greater stability to aid people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

These shoes contain replaceable insoles that can adjust and modify to fit your specific orthotic necessities. They also have a strong mesh material that allows for excellent mobility and ventilation in various situations.

This footwear is Medicare and HCPCS code A5500 friendly. Therefore you are sometimes able to earn a reimbursement if you buy them.


Gravity Defyer invested a lot of energy to ensure that their footwear gives complete stability to the most susceptible body areas and symptom alleviation for those who have persistent pain and stiffness.

Furthermore, the brand focuses on using advanced innovation in its shoes to assist and improve problematic regions of the body to ensure relaxing, healing, and therapeutic properties.

In the following part, we’ll go over some of the key features you’ll encounter while using this footwear.

Laceless Design

The laceless design allows it to be friendly for you to take them on and off. It limits twisting and vigorous physical activity that occurs whenever you want to tighten up your sneakers on a routine basis, as with casual footwear. 

The footwear’s customized fitting measures provide pressure-relieving wear on your foot. The overall laceless structure is designed with a non-toxic and skin-friendly solution. Which makes them exceptionally stretchy, durable, and simple to clean without a lot of effort.


VeroShock is a shock-absorbent innovation designed to reduce the pain in those with severe joint stiffness.

Furthermore, it is the base of shoes, the most appealing feature for people who suffer from chronic pain and uneasiness.

G-Comfort Soles 

These soles are present in all well-known shoes. As they help give you long-lasting assistance and convenience while also minimizing the overall stress on your bones and joints.

It is a fantastic option for people who serve in areas where they stand for long durations.

The footwear also offers antiseptic features, such as the inner layer to stop bacterial growth and other pathogenic microbes from entering your footwear and causing unpleasant odours.

The shoe’s distinct ergonomic shape allows for circulation, while the PU materials give a calming sensation.

Gravity Defyer Women’s Jenni Athletic Shoes


Gravity Defyer Women's Jenni Athletic Shoes


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The Women’s G-Defy Jenni Athletic Shoes feature EVA midsoles according to the foot’s structure for assistance and pain-relieving.

They have extra sturdy padding and prevent feet from harsh external surfaces.

In addition to a fly knit covering with a perforated stitching design for better ventilation and safety. The shoes include a mesh fabric lining that creates a wonderful cooling effect.

Moreover, these shoes have a slip-resistant VersoGrip rubber sole with an external tread design for crossing difficult rough terrain with a breeze.



We’ve discussed some of the most valuable data, qualities, and features you have to know about Gravity Defyer. And the footwear they give to people who suffer from joint pain.

Please take a moment to get into all the steps discussed in this article to choose the best shoes provided by this company that are proper for your optimum pain control.